Overview of the Golden Cryptex Slot Machine (Red Tiger)

To begin, therefore, what is a Cryptex? It’s not fiction; it’s a real thing that gained notoriety thanks to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. The rows of symbols on a Cryptex can be turned and rearranged in any direction. The Cryptex’s secrets are revealed if the symbols are twisted in just the correct way. This ingenious gadget is now available for purchase on the internet. One could make the comparison to slot machine play because of the emphasis on matching symbols. R7, a firm that works closely with Red Tiger, has implemented the idea into their new slot game Golden Cryptex.

Just a few plays will have you thinking about popular slot machines like Cash O’ Matic and Grand Spinn from NetEnt. Seven 7s by Crazy Tooth is another new slot machine with a similar feel. R7’s nod to Art Deco and Victoriana serves as inspiration for these throwback details. It’s warm and welcoming, with dim lighting and a reel set up in front of a wall covered in notebook sketches in the style of Leonardo da Vinci. It’s not a position that works hard to produce mood, yet what it does conjure up is warm and welcome. Players can begin the deciphering task by placing wagers ranging from 10 p/c to $/€60 every spin. While the payouts in Golden Cryptex are average, the game’s medium/high volatility and 95.78% RTP are hardly ground-breaking.

Although a Cryptex may be difficult to solve, the rules of Golden Cryptex are simple. There are three rows of symbols and three paylines total in this game. Three or more identical symbols anywhere on the first reel provide winning combos. The offered symbols include both standard (10-A) and premium (Silver) symbols. Horseshoes, stars, bells, and the number 7 are just few of the symbols used to decorate the prizes.

All of the symbols have rather significant payouts; getting three 10s, for instance, returns 1x the wager. Although the hit frequency may seem low due to the short amount of paylines and high value symbols, things really start to pick up once winning combinations start to materialize. Five ‘7’s are worth 150 times your bet, making them the most valuable symbol. When it comes to gameplay, the base game does have a propensity to grow rather boring due to few additions, but there are a couple more features on hand to mix things up.

Features of the Golden Cryptex Slot Machine (Red Tiger)

Features in Golden Cryptex require deciphering a code, but it’s not very difficult to do so; all you have to do is land five identical symbols in a row for the mechanical parts to begin twisting and turning. The Cryptex Code is a set of five symbols aligned in a row above the standard set of three reels. These symbols are aces in the regular game but alter during the bonus rounds. The Golden Pointer is an arrow that appears to the left of the reels and always points to the middle row in the original game. The goal is to get 5 Aces on the Golden Pointer row which results in a payout and also awards 10 Golden Spins.

There are a few more regulations to consider. There is a risk that the game will respin the rows without aces if three or four aces appear in the Golden Pointer row. The feature is known as “Second Chance.” The second rule is that the Golden Pointer can be moved to the top or bottom row if there are more Aces there, resulting in Second Chance respins.

Here we will examine the Golden Spins Bonus round. At the outset, the Cryptex Code is changed from Aces to the least expensive sign. The necessary symbols can now land on any of the three rows instead of just one. To claim the Cryptex Cash prize, a player has only to have one Code sign appear on each reel. Despite the unusual sounding name, the amount is the same as a conventional line of 5 of a sort of that sign.

When the bonus game’s code is broken, three additional free spins are added to the current round. The Cryptex Code has also been enhanced to its maximum symbol level. When the Code hits the highest possible symbol, it will remain on that icon for the duration of the effect.

Red Tiger’s Golden Cryptex Slot Final Say

The concept behind Golden Cryptex is ingenious, and the execution is solid. The presentation of the Cryptex device is polished, and the audio/visual presentation creates an enjoyable game environment. The game’s air of mystery hooks you at first, but it quickly becomes clear that it isn’t going to deliver on any of its promises. There can be a lot of dead spins because of the high symbol values and limited paylines. If you’ve got the patience to battle it out for the Golden Spins then excellent, if not, the game gets very boring. Having only three paylines and no wild card is a risky strategy.

The respin function raises the stakes in the main game, and the Second Chance option is activated frequently. It’s exciting at first, but the constant disappointment of falling short of 5 Aces quickly wears you down. The test drops of bonus games were mostly enjoyable. The maximum payout on Golden Cryptex is only 1,525 times the player’s initial wager, so it’s not exactly a game with the potential to dole out life-changing prizes.

It’s difficult to find the motivation to solve challenges when the rewards are so meager. You might as well dust off the old Rubik’s Cube for some twisting action. If you find the premise of Golden Cryptex intriguing, it’s worth your time to try out a demo. While the concept is new, the game’s lackluster numbers make it unlikely that players would stick around for long.

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