Intro to the Slot Game “Pearls of Gold”

It’s amusing how far Stakelogic has gone that our first thought when a new game appears is whether or not it’s a rip-off. Having a series of slots that are strikingly similar to games from other developers is likely to do that. Another instance is the game Pearls of Gold, which resembles the popular 9 Masks of Fire by Gameburger Studio. Studio after studio has followed suit; at this point, even emulating 9 Masks would be considered derivative. Whether Stakelogic’s move is justified by following the crowd or merely adds another degree of monotony to the operation is arguable.

Pearls of Gold is not a carbon clone of any one slot machine, but rather a synthesis of elements from a number of other games. A progressive multiplier that grows after cascades, like in Gonzo’s Quest, is one example. A 5×3 grid with 25 paylines and a multiplier trail atop it may be found in the ocean floor, surrounded by seaweed, bubbles, and columnar formations. The soundtrack is soothing and atmospheric, creating a relaxing atmosphere. It’s possible that the dreamlike quality of Pearls of Gold was intended to reduce players’ desire to make direct comparisons to other games. Maybe not; Stakelogic doesn’t seem like the kind of studio that cares if people point out similarities to other works. Let’s keep floating along.

Pearls of Gold may be attacked in three different ways. The first relies on accumulating scatters in the normal course of play to activate free games. The second option is to use real money to buy free spins, and the third option is to use Super Stake. When Super Stake is turned on, the stakes increase from 25 percent to £/€50. The chances of triggering free games improve with the addition of scatter symbols to the reels. The volatility is set to medium/high, and the RTP is fixed at 96.02% no matter how you play.

At least three identical symbols along a win line triggers a payout in Pearls of Gold, which occurs from left to right, beginning with the first reel. Greek-style J through A card symbols appear at the paytable’s bottom edge, followed by four premium character symbols. Five low-paying symbols in a row return 3–6 times the wager, whereas a line of three or more high-paying symbols returns 20–100 times the wager. A starfish’s wild ability is to assist in finishing victory lines. It can appear on any reel, substitute for other symbols, and deliver the maximum payout if it helps complete a winning payline.

Slot Machine Features: Pearls of Gold

Players may take use of avalanches, a multiplier meter, scatter prizes, and free spins to increase their chances of winning the top prizes at the pearl and gold levels.

Multipliers and Avalanches

Following a successful spin, the winning symbols are taken from the reels and are replaced with symbols that cascade down from above. If subsequent victories are formed, the process is repeated. Avalanches also contribute +1 to the victory multiplier. The multiplier ranges from x1 in the beginning of the game to x5 at the end.

Symbolic Pearl

When pearl scatter symbols appear, they are taken out of play and added to your total. If three or more Pearl symbols are collected before the avalanche ends, the player receives a Pearls of Gold bonus. For 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 Pearl scatters, the payoff is 1x, 2x, 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x, or 300x the wager, respectively. The progressive multiplier, however, is applied to the Pearls of Gold prize pool, increasing the total value.

No Risk Turns

When Free Spins scatter symbols land, they burst off the reels and land in slots above the reels, where they may be collected. The free spins bonus round is activated by collecting at least three of them during an avalanche sequence. When activated, the Free Spins Wheel can grant anywhere between 8 and 15 free games with a multiplier of 2x-6x. The Multiplier Meter will initially be set to this multiplier. If you happen to win the x2, your free spins multiplier will increase to x3, x4, x5, and x6. You get x6, x7, x8, x9, and x10 if you start with x6. Don’t forget that the multiplier also affects Pearls of Gold awards. Last but not least, the number of remaining free spins is increased by one for every scatter that appears throughout the bonus round.

Pearls of Wisdom: The Slots’ Final Say

We went on and on about how Pearls of Gold is a knockoff, but Stakelogic has created a slot that will appeal to aficionados of the 9 Masks genre. It’s nearly identical, yet it manages to stand out from other games of its type because to the clever way its features are stacked on top of one another. However, the alterations are highly complex, and the way they operate has the potential to turn off as many people as they thrill.

The avalanche/multiplier meter is an improvement that’s hard to criticize. When things are going your way, the introduction of cascades leading to progressive multipliers is a tried and tested feature combination that is very cool. Line victories in the main or bonus game may be far more thrilling and rewarding than in games that don’t employ it. Symbol values are already decent, with a maximum premium of 100x the stake, so it’s hard to grumble when you get a big multiplier on top of that. The low value of the scatter prizes is disappointing unless a good multiplier has been established. When compared to the 2,000x available elsewhere or the 10-25,000x that Just For The Win puts into its 9 Masks type games, the 300x is quite low.

Pearls of Gold is like a basket full of tried-and-true seafood preparation techniques. It’s true that the game’s mechanics are frequently shuffled about, and this often results in a “six of one, half a dozen of the other” feeling. When the progressive multiplier is combined with more modest jackpots, the two factors cancel out. If you’re seeking for anything similar to 9 Masks of Fire, Pearls of Gold should be enticing enough to warrant at least a couple of spins.

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